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10 Creative, Funny Takes on the “I Heart” T-Shirt


The I Heart T-Shirt is everywhere, ubiquitous, easily one of the highest selling t-shirt styles of all time.  The “I Heart NY” meme has multiplied, mutated into a wider range of t-shirts that poke fun at the original.  From “I Heart Looking Like a Tourist” to “I Plane NY” (ouch), this style of shirt is alive and well in t-shirt stores across the globe.  To celebrate the history of the I Heart T-Shirt, we’ve put together a collection of 10 creative and funny takes on this long lasting style.

The I Heart Transitive Pictograph Verbalizations T-Shirt


Easily the most literal take on the “I Heart” style, the I Heart Transitive Pictograph Verbalizations T-Shirt is also one of the funniest.  Those who see this one on the street (and are equipped with a 5 syllable vocabulary) will certainly have a chuckle.  80% of passers by won’t catch the joke– but doesn’t that make it all the more worthwhile when you find someone that does?  We think so. [$19 at tshirthell]

The I Beer Beer T-Shirt


First off, helloooo t-shirt model.  Second, we love beer too.  The I Beer Beer T-Shirt is a goofy, brainlessly funny take on the I Heart t-shirt.  It is also pro beer, which in our book is a huge plus.  It’s typical BustedTees/CollegeHumor sense of humor, and we can’t get enough of that… or that lovely amber-haired model. [$20 at BustedTees]

I Beer Beer T-Shirt Gallery

i-beer-beer-t-shirt_2 i-beer-beer-t-shirt_1 i-beer-beer-t-shirt_3

I Heart Killing Zombies T-Shirt


The zombies haven’t even invaded yet, but their iconography is EVERYWHERE.  Films, video games, toys, even clothing.  The I Heart Killing Zombies T-Shirt has been a huge hit over at ThreadLess, giving the cult of the zombie a way of wearing their obsession on their backs.  Our only complaint about the shirt?  Needs more braaaaaaaaaaaiinnnnsss!!! [$18 at threadless]

I Heart Killing Zombies T-Shirt Gallery

i-heart-killing-zombies-t-shirt_3 i-heart-killing-zombies-t-shirt_1 i-heart-killing-zombies-t-shirt_2

The We Run LA T-Shirt


Tell ‘em who’s in charge, baby.  The We Run LA T-Shirt has been a huge hit in the streetwear world, which should be a surprise to no one.  Designed and printed by Once Upon a Time in NY, the We Run LA T-Shirt has expanded into a full line of tees including other cities like NY, DC, even Manila.  It is now printed on more than just t-shirts, you can also cop the We Run LA logo on a fitted cap, a hoodie and more.  [$17.90 at shopwerun]

We Run LA T-Shirt Gallery

we-run-la-t-shirt_3 we-run-la-t-shirt_2 we-run-la-t-shirt_1

The I Plane NY T-Shirt


Yeah, they went there.  This shirt came out just a matter of weeks after 9/11.  We can’t imagine a more offensive t-shirt, even by TshirtHell’s standards.  The I Plane NY T-Shirt is the most cruel twist on the famed I Heart NY t-shirt, one so truly distasteful that it had shock fans shrieking with delight.  Dude in the picture above has big brass balls and a solid streak of crazy to go along with his “meth morning after” haircut.  It’s no surprise that not even TShirtHell prints this one any more… [$no longer in print]

I Heart Heart Heart Polygamy T-Shirt


Hello t-shirt model.  Okay, okay– anyway.  The I Heart Heart Heart Polygamy T-Shirt is both literal and hilarious, a creative take on the style that will get a laugh out of many.  We’re not sure, however, if we can really condone the concept of polygamy.  Sure, ideally it’d be a blast– three wives could be awesome!  It would also suck to be cursed out three times when you leave the toilet seat up.  [$20 at bustedtees]

I Heart Heart Heart Polygamy T-Shirt Gallery

i-heart-heart-heart_polygamy_2 i-heart-heart-heart_polygamy_1 i-heart-heart-heart_polygamy_3

I Uzi LA T-Shirt


This shirt was cool for about 15 minutes– until Lindsay Lohan got ahold of it.  Anything Lohan touches turns to doo doo, including this shirt.  It’s unfortunate, because we loved the concept when we first saw it.  It’s bold, bad ass and gold on gray.  How can you not love that?  Like Lohan’s career, the I Uzi LA T-Shirt is no longer available. [$no longer in print]

I Uzi LA T-Shirt Gallery

i-uzi-la-t-shirt_2 i-uzi-la-t-shirt_3 i-uzi-la-t-shirt_1

The I Heart Color T-Shirt


If you’re male, there’s a 5-8% chance you don’t understand this shirt (1% if you’re female).  The I Heart Color T-Shirt is designed from a color blindness test, showing color combinations that color blind people cannot see.  It’s hilarious, interactive, and somewhat offensive to those who suffer from color blindness.  Kudos to designer Dan Gilbert, we love this shirt! [$18 at threadless]

I Heart Color T-Shirt Gallery

i-heart-color-t-shirt_2 i-heart-color-t-shirt_1 i-heart-color-t-shirt_3

I Heart Looking Like a Tourist T-Shirt


Hey you in the I Heart NY t-shirt– you look like a jackass to everyone in the state of NY.  The original meme is far beyond passe’, and the only way you can get away with wearing an I Heart T-shirt is if you’re wearing one from this list.  The I Heart Looking Like a Tourist T-Shirt is making fun of specifically those who wear serious “I Heart” t-shirts, and we love it.  Damn, there’s that t-shirt model again.  Hellloooo! [$20 at bustedtees]

I Heart Looking Like a Tourist T-Shirt Gallery

i-heart-looking-like-a-tourist-t-shirt_2 i-heart-looking-like-a-tourist-t-shirt_1 i-heart-looking-like-a-tourist-t-shirt_3

I Heart Rehab T-Shirt


Looks like you may have loved NY a little bit too much.  The I Heart Rehab T-shirt is for those who New York chewed up and spit out, those who just couldn’t handle the city that never sleeps.  I’m not too big on this claim though– is there anyone who truly LOVES rehab?  The best part about rehab is that it’s a great way to meet drinking buddies, but we don’t know if that’s cause for “love”.

Thanks for reading, ThreadSpotters.  So what’s your favorite I Heart t-shirt?  Let us know in the comments.  And if you’ve seen a funny take on the I Heart t-shirt that we didn’t include here, be sure to let us know!  We’d love to mention it right here on this list.  Don’t be a stranger now, be sure to check out the ThreadSpot home page and share with us any cool stuff you’d like us to post on the site.

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